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1. Wireframe

A wireframe is a simplified representation of your website or application. It consists of lines and text that can be hand-drawn or electronic. The focus of the wireframe should be structural elements that represent priority. In this stage, visual design and color are not presented. Like the picture shown below.

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A brand is not a logo.

A brand is not an identity.

And, certainly not a product.

What Exactly is a Brand?

Marty Neumeier has defined it by saying, “A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization. It’s a gut feeling because people are emotional, intuitive beings.”

We tend to…

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What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, the language for describing the structure of web pages.

The design of HTML consists of two parts: the head and the body.

  • the head tells the browser's information
  • the body contains the specific content to be described.

What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, the…

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JavaScript is a web-based scripting language that has been widely used in web application development. It is often used to add various dynamic functions to web pages, providing users with a smoother and more pleasing browsing experience.

In fact, all modern HTML pages use JavaScript.

  • HTML is used to define…

Usability is a foundation of user experience. No matter what product you design, your customers expect it to be easy to use.

Here is a list that contains some of the most relevant books focused on usability. …

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If you’re going to use color effectively in your designs, you’ll need to know how to describe it precisely.

But sometimes, the words describing the color qualities can be pretty confusing. So I made this list of essential terms that UX/UI designers use frequently.

You don’t necessarily have to remember…


It all started as a factor of survival

Some flowers use colors to attract specific insects for pollination. Some insects use color to warn a potential predator of defensive toxins.

And some animals, such as cuttlefish, can even change their color to match their surroundings.

Within human nature, we emotionally respond differently to different colors.

It greatly influences…

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What is interaction design?

According to the Association for Interaction Design (IxDA):

“Interaction design defines the structure and behavior of interactive systems.

Interaction designers strive to create meaningful relationships between people and the products and services that they use, from computers to mobile devices to applications and beyond.”

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Lately, I feel like I already exhausted all my options for free stock photos from Pexels or Unsplash. It is hard to find good high-resolution photos for free.

But after some research, I was pretty surprised to find out that there are a substantial number of websites that have amazing…

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